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Maruti Chemical produces and distributes a wide range of chemicals, including industrial and specialty chemicals. we supply to various industries such as agriculture, construction, automotive, textiles, Pharmaceuticals, API, Agricultural, hazardous waste treatment chemicals, dyes & pigments, in-organic chemicals, neutralization chemicals and consumer goods.
We follow strict safety procedures, quality control, and environmental regulations to ensure that their products meet the highest standards. The company also provides technical support, product development, and custom blending services to meet different customer needs.


Value-Added Services

Total Chemical Management

We provides best chemical management by equipment installation as per government legislation with top monitoring and delivery.

Specialty Formula/Blends

A wide range of specialty chemical items are available from us, and we have our own warehouse, which gives us the flexibility to manufacture custom items.

Custom Packaging

A wide range of private labeling and custom packaging services are available from Us.

Bulk Freight Distribution

A reliable and safe bulk liquid chemical delivery service is provided by our privately owned fleet of trucks and tanker trailers.

Quality Policy and Commitment

We are giving the best chemical solutions to our clients as we know that quality is an every day process. It is not an accident rather. It is the result of endless efforts and our Endeavour for Excellence in all the relevant fields of production.
We at Maruti Chemical always keep in mind our commitment towards quality which gives more satisfaction to our customers in all over the world. We make class quality products & it is our obesity. The concept of quality makes us over and above in the industry, which was only possible with the persistent efforts of our technical & management team, which makes us proudly unique in the segment.

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+1 (587) 973 5204 (Canada)

+91 799 0013 904 (India)

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B/O: 208, Golden Square,
Nr. Maruti Suzuki Showroom
Valiya X Road, G.I.D.C.
Ankleshwar, 393 002

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