BLEACHWIN (Special Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Package)

Technical Specifications

Exclusive Features

  • Special stabilizer is used to control the bleaching rate using Maruti Special grade Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Special activator is used to activate Hydrogen Peroxide at room temperature in all weathers
  • No heating energy is required as used in textile process houses/textile mills
  • Easily adoptable to existing setup of hand-processing sectors of india (Rajasthan, Gujarat, South India)
  • No Chlorinated effluent generated like that in Hypo or Bleaching Powder & hence it is an Eco-friendly process which is user-friendly also


  • Bleachwin Hydrogen Peroxide: 30 kg/50 kg HM-HDPE Carboys
  • Bleachwin I (Stabilizer): 50 kg HM-HDPE Carboys
  • Bleachwin 2 (Activator): 25 kg/50 kg HDPE bags with Inner HM Liner

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