(CH2CL2 - Dichloromethance)

Technical Specifications

Exclusive Features

  • Colourless, & non-flammable, Boiling Point : 40.4C, clear liquid with stability upto 60C
  • Low toxicity and safe in handling


  • Manufacturing of Polycarbonates, Phenolics, Rayon yarn
  • Solvent for Cellulose Acetates, Photo-resist, Tablet film coatings
  • Paint & Grease removing agent
  • Fire fighting agent
  • Extract ant for Edible fats, Cocoa, Butter and Essences
  • Adhesives for Polymethyl Methacrylate
  • Aerosol Propellant, Refrigerant
  • Chemical reaction media
  • Low temperature heat transfer medium


Zinc coated GI barrels og 250 kg net weight for export
250 kg new weight HM-HDPE barrels for domestic Market
40 kg new weight HM-HDPE drums for Domestic Market

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